Sunday, 6 September 2015

Looking for the Brown Hairstreak Butterfly

Today I spent a few hours looking for the Brown Hairstreak butterfly.

Not an easy task but one made easier if you know where to look.

These butterflies are on the wing from Late July until September and like Woodland, woodland edges, scrubland and hedgerows where blackthorn are presant. The butterfly is rarely seen as it lives at tree-top height. The female is more often seen than the male as she descends to lay her eggs.

Female Wings Open

Female Brown Hairstreak

After about an hours searching we found a female on the underside of a branch and a total of seven eggs also found. The eggs are white and laid tight in at the join of a blackthorn twigg.

This butterfly is not common and declining. The decline is exacerbated by annual mechanical hedge cutting, which destroys the butterfly's eggs.DT

Also a Brown Hairstreak Egg

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