Saturday, 5 September 2015

Balearic shearwaters

Recently I helped with a survey being run jointly by MARINElife and the RSPB. The idea was to have people onshore looking out and others on boats looking inshore and further offshore to count all seabirds and cetaceans and in particular balearic shearwaters and bottle-nosed dolphins.

On a global scale, balearic shearwater are one of the most important species of bird that we get on and around the UK. The population is thought to be no more than 25,000 birds and of these only 2,500 pairs actually breed.

balearic shearwater - they are much browner than the more common manx who look black and white
I was on one of the boats off Portland Bill, we saw between five and seven shearwaters, we thought a couple might have doubled back hence the range. Great stuff!

Another balearic, showing how stiff-winged they are

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