Thursday 8 December 2016

Magical moment!

I was recently on a Wiltshire farm leading a trip for the Wiltshire Ornithological Society (WOS), when the following happened.

I had just shut the gate having let the group in and was just heading along the track to catch them up when out of the corner of my eye I saw a kestrel hovering. On this farm this is by no means an unusual sight, but this was different.

This bird was only just the other side of the fence and at about two metres height, in total I couldn’t have been more than ten metres away.

In this one you can see the tiny whiskers around the face.

I turned out the engine and coasted alongside, undid the passenger window and managed to get a couple of pictures, I watched the bird for a while, wings twitching and tail twisting to keep it in the exact spot, the head and body stock still. For a moment it was just the kestrel and me…..ooops the group! I headed off without flushing her and met the group, I forgot about the pictures until I got home.

I love this one! The body absolutely still, but this the wings blurred to keep her still and the tail twisting.

 A truly magical moment! (NA)