Saturday 1 April 2017

Wildlife aplenty in Wiltshire!

Over the last couple of weeks, while out and about in Wiltshire. We have been noticing more and more wildlife starting to rise from the winter slumber.

Singing male firecrest
A species that is really starting to make inroads into Wiltshire is the firecrest. This chap was singing away, having just arrived back to breed. The same size as a goldcrest, with a strong white supercilium, they are a lovely addition to the woodland assemblage.

long-tailed tit
Some species are getting busy with nest building, this long-tailed tit had almost finished its nest! Others are still just enjoying the spring sun, like this female kestrel, although some are already paired up and searching out a nest site.

female kestrel

A number of insects are around also, we've seen holly blue, coma, red admiral, small tortoiseshell and peacock!

One of our favourite early invertebrates is the bee-fly, here's one sunning itself.

They look like like a bee, hovering as they move across the countryside looking for early flowers to feed from. Great stuff!

Mammals too are starting to think of things other than surviving.

Here is a leap of  four hares, most likely a female on the left feeding and an entourage of three males in attendance.

Finally, the amphibians are at it too! Here's a common toad relaxing after the strains and struggles of breeding.

There's lots going on out there, so please get out and enjoy it!

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