Sunday, 31 May 2015

Cotswold Water Park trip - 27th May

An afternoon trip to look at all types of nature, but particularly flowers.

We did well with orchids seeing southern marsh, green-winged, early marsh, common-spotted and some burnt-tip that were not fully out. Here's a picture I took a week or so ago of some showing just how fantastic they are!

burnt-tip orchid
We also saw a number of other interesting plants including common milkwort, pignut and pepper-saxifrage.

There were many insects on the wing that day including common blue damselfly, azure damselfly, blue-tailed damselfly, red-eyed damselfly, four-spotted chaser, down emerald and lots of common blue butterfly.

Birds were also still in evidence with the following mostly being heard or seen: nightingale, sedge warbler, willow warbler, blackcap, garden warbler, chiffchaff, reed bunting and common whitethroat.

With lots more seen beside it was a great afternoon! (NA)

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