Sunday 12 April 2015

Special moment

I was recently carrying out a survey for wildlife on a farm, when I had one of those magical wildlife moments. It was a species that I had seen a number of times before, its hard to say why it was so special - it just was!

I was walking through a wood on a south facing slope, the trees were a mix of conifer and deciduous, so there were gaps through the trees ever now and then through which I could see a field being left fallow and an area of scrub behind. Then through a gap, in the early morning mist a shape caught my eye.

A stag fallow deer in the morning mist

I think the thing that made it special was he was on his own and he had not seen me! I slowly worked my way closer by staying in the wood.

So far so good....

I continue to work ever so slowly forward...


It was a special half an hour, as I say something I had seen before but I managed to get away with any disturbance and left him eating his breakfast. (NA)

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