Sunday 1 January 2023

Tour Dates

Somerset Levels Tour Dates 2023

Dates available throughout the spring and summer months call for details.

Cotswold Water Park Winter Duck Tour

Dates available throughout the winter months call for details.

Please call us as we may be able to arrange tours at short notice at this time of year.


  1. Could you advise which tours you’re currently running on a Friday please? Preferably half day.

  2. Hi, I'd be interested to know if a tour is likely to be scheduled on October 5 (Saturday)? Thanks in advance for your reply. Kind regards, Susanne

  3. Hi

    I have reached aged 60 without being able to name all but the most common birds and would love to rectify this. Please could you let me know of any tours scheduled for the rest of this year. Many thanks.

  4. Are any half day tours plannned at the Cotswolds water park for December?